6 Tips on Marketing Your Home Based Business

6 Tips on Marketing Your Home Based Business

Discover why the following 6 Tips on Marketing Your Home Based Business is important.

Marketing and advertising play a gigantic role in business success. So, what are ways to market your home-based business online without breaking the bank so to speak? Thankfully, there are several very effective marking methods that are relatively easy and quick:

Free classifieds

Free classified ads are everywhere. However, they also take hours each day to place. Pick a day during the week to only concentrate on this method. Check with your local newspaper for further information.

Network marketing

If you're not taking advantage of network marketing then you should get started sooner rather then later. Here a few articles to help you in this area:

Promote off-line

You should include your URL in all your printed and broadcasting materials. Make sure to list your URL above the fold of your website. Let your URL stand out. Tell your readers why they should check out your online business. Add a benefit to finding your page. Provide them with helpful information or a discount they can only find out about by visiting your site. Mention your URL address on your telephone voice mail and hold messages.

Write articles

Write articles for other online-publications. Use what you know about your business to be the expert in your field. There are thousands of potential customers online interested in learning more of the things you already know. Write as providing instructions, how to do something, tips, etc. If you're not comfortable writing, visit elance.com or guru.com and find a capable writer to "ghost" write your articles for you.

Build an email list of your customers

Customers who buy from your business have shown an interest in your products/services. Many of these buyers opt-in to provide their email address via the shopping carts check out page. Get their permission to send them your company's newsletter which provide helpful tips and information on your latest products/services. Make your newsletter's tone conversational, friendly and informal. Gather these opt-in email addresses and create a customer list.

Email marketing

Electronic mail is the number one marketing tool on the Internet. It is cheap, conserves natural resources and most importantly doesn't pollute the environment.

Email marketing allows you to stay in contact with your customer base. Place your email list sign-up form on your homepage and other appropriate pages of your site. Whatever you do, don't hide it! Make it easy for site visitors to find and join your email mailing list. Place a "join our mailing list" link in the email signature of all your regular correspondence. The link should go to your home page or the most appropriate page of your site where your sign up tag is prominently displayed.

Make it quick and painless to subscribe. Just ask for limited information (e.g. first name, last name, email address) to start off because subscribers are more likely to complete a short form than a longer one at the beginning of a relationship.

Privacy policy

Many people shy away from providing their email address due to spam. Make your privacy policy clear up front. Be sure your subscribers understand how you will be using their email address and let them know the kinds of emails to expect and how often.

Also, confirm that their personal information will not be sold or traded and explain that they can decide to opt-out of further communications at any time.

Take advantage of these 6 Tips on Marketing Your Home Based Business; an important marketing tool!

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