5 Steps to Customer Loyalty

5 Steps to Customer Loyalty

Today, most of the customer loyalties lie with their bank accounts; and you can't blame people for watching their shrinking dollars. That is why customer loyalty is important if you want to have regular clients. Which brings me to ask you this question: Are you utilizing the following "5 Steps to Customer Loyalty" to attract loyal customers to your business?

Below, I've listed 5 very important steps I think are key to establishing the type of customer loyalty relationship any business can achieve.

1. Offer a superior product

Build and offer a product/service that customers cannot be without. Specify the superiority of your product or service and promote it aggressively. Sell the benefit of the product/service. People will notice and take action.

2. Get personal

Take notice and personalize. Make your customers feel comfortable. Offer something for free. Make them feel welcomed. Show your generosity and you'll be remembered.

3. Be consistent & reliable

Become the business person your customers can rely on. Having loyal customers means providing a business/service of consistency and reliability. Have your product/service delivered when you say it will be. Don't give your customers a reason to look for the competition due to the lack of this important step.

4. Damage control

If you ever encounter a problem with a product/service, for example, delivery date, inventory, etc. tell your customers about it. Keep them posted and provide an effective solution time frame to meet their expectations. Customers will feel respected and appreciated.

5. Treat customers like royalty

Be good to your customers and they will bring you new business. Treat them as you would a good friend, especially if you meet on the street and discuss your business/services. Make special acknowledgments to your customers if you meet them at dinner parties or during a business function.

When a customer has sent a referral your way, take the time to send a thank you card. These mean more to a person then you think. The fact that you took time out from your busy day to say "thank you" will not be forgotten.

Listen to your customers and send feedback as soon as possible. A satisfied customer makes for good business. Without them, you have no business. If you're provided with their e-mail addresses, treat it as GOLD and never, ever share their personal information with anyone.

There is no doubt about the fact that customers make or break your business. Put in the time and effort to be honest and trustworthy with your business endeavors and you'll be well on your way to attaining the best customers that will come back to you and your business time and time again.

What are other ways in which you can entice your customers to come back regularly and create customer loyalty? Share your comments below. Thank you!

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