Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools for Business Success

Powerful Social Media Marketing Tools for Business Success

Social media marketing has become a supplemental service among website owners, SEO specialists, eCommerce experts and business owners. Article marketing isn't the only from of marketing your business. There are many powerful social media marketing tools for business success like the following:


This tool comes in Free and Pro version. Free version gives an option to monitor and update up to five profiles. It’s an open sheet real time news roll that can open up Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and two more social feeds at the same time. Publisher tool helps to review, post and schedule messages with an option of choosing relevant account for the information. The Pro-version gives a little more flexibility to add accounts and use additional features such as analytic and bulk messages scheduling.

Cool Feature: It has an easy to navigate dashboard and built-in link shrinking and real time updates monitoring and scheduling.


With a free of charge account Crowdbooster monitors one Twitter and one Facebook page versus up to 30 accounts with a business upgrade. It doesn’t give a real time tuning into corresponding profiles but instead evaluates the impressions by graphically showing how many people re-tweet or answered a tweet as well as how many people were reached out. It also indicates the Follower Growth, Influential Followers and Top Re-tweeters. These are extremely valuable analytic information that can help to extend your outreach.

Cool Feature: Time recommendations on tweeting to get the best impressions plus scheduling and analytics.


Besides scheduling posts for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook this tool allows you to install a Firefox extension giving you an easy way to share articles you read. Buffer now measures the performance of your pins for Pinterest as well. You can also try Buffer for business with a small, medium and large version.

Cool Feature: Ability to add additional Apps, Extensions & Extras. Get the most out of Buffer and easily share from your mobile, news reader, blog or anywhere. Bookmarking and scheduling.


Provides comprehensive Facebook analytics that outlines profiles of people that come and leave your fan base as well as determines what content attracts your audience and keeps them posted. Real-time social marketing solutions for global brands and agencies.

Cool Feature: Instantaneous data transfer into ready for presentation reports. Aggregate and activate all social data into one platform to drive greater ROI from your social marketing efforts and maintain a competitive advantage.


An email service that delivers broadcasts updates via a newsletter. Lets you market, organize, monitor and interact with your opt-in subscribers. By far it’s one of the best email marketing tools around.

Cool Feature: Learn email marketing with their knowledge base, live webinars and videos features. Cost-effective and affordable; it's email marketing the right way at your fingertips.

Other honorable mentions:

Besides the social media monitoring and managing tools above, there are quite a few very neat services that deserve mentioning as well:

Every social media marketing tool should serve specific needs in simplifying the process of managing your business. Social media monitoring services are growing fast and you should be utilizing at least a few of the above powerful social media marketing tools for business success.

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