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Discover How to Reconnect With Your Current Customer Base

We as business owners tend to create sales by looking for new customers. Often times, we fail to talk to our existing customers who are our free resources for creating additional profits to our businesses. Below, I've written this article to discover how to reconnect with your current customer base using the following tips: Keep the lines of communication openThe most important tool in dealing with your customer base is communication. You need to let your customer base know how much they are appreciated. Once they have ordered from you, you have overcome the biggest obstacle of getting that order. The next step is to offer them additional opportunities to purchase from you again and again. Keeping the lines of communication open is important to a successful business. You might consider offering them a 10-15% discount on their next order, FREE shipping and/or next day delivery. Develop a solid marketing plan that makes sense to your business needs but also allow your customers t…

5 Social Media Networking Tips for Business

Are you using the following 5 social media networking tips for business? If not, please get started as soon as possible. If you own a business, networking is a must! Networking is meeting people and having the ability to tell them who you are and what you do in a precise and interesting manner. Networking is referring people with a need to other reliable people and businesses. It is unselfishly helping others while you actively promote and meet new potential clients and contacts. It is a network of people who refer you and vice versa. It is a way to help other people as well as others helping you succeed. In networking, what goes around, comes around. Try not to network for purely selfish reasons, it will show, and the results will be far less effective. Your networking success will be enhanced if you enjoy people and do not have any reservations about expressing yourself. By networking you can meet fascinating and interesting people. Introduce yourself and tell others what your…

Infographic Marketing via Facebook or Google Adwords

Check out the following Infographic - Facebook marketing vs. Google Adwords features the differences between Pay models, targeting capabilities, ad design, cost to pay, conversion, targeting used for, keywords, likes, demo, Avg cost, demographics, internal/external destination URL, purchase intent and sales cycle and revenue. Which of the two social media platforms above - Infographic Marketing via Facebook or Google Adwords would you use for your business marketing needs? Please share your comments below.

Premium Domain Names

You will need to take many things into consideration when you are going to start your own online business. This is not the sort of undertaking you will be able to perform over the course of a weekend. Because of this, you will need to put together a plan that will ensure that you do not forget any important details that could come back to haunt you later. One of the details that you must give some serious thought to involves deciding what your domain name will be. Why is a domain name important? Here are a few of the reasons how your choice of a domain name can have a drastic impact on your business. 1. It is part of creating your brandCreating a recognizable brand is an essential part of starting a new business. Remember, the general public does not know who you are yet. Therefore, you need to make sure the name of your company is easily remembered by consumers everywhere. The domain name that you choose will go a long way towards doing that. This is why experts in the world of onli…