5 Ways to Make a YouTube Video Work For eCommerce

The Internet provides a platform for people to make money in a large number of ways. One of the more popular methods is maintaining an eCommerce site. Essentially, it's like having a retail shop without the vast investments or high overhead costs. According to statistics, most of these businesses will fail inside the first four years. However, you can avoid becoming part of this statistic with proper marketing. YouTube can provide that system if it's used correctly.

Demonstrate the Products

Showing viewers how to properly use a product can be instrumental in securing sales through your website shopping cart. You could also create content centered around other things the product can be used for. What this does is show people why they should want your items. It's the same method advertisers use on television, only you have the ability to interact with the audience directly in order to develop a fan base. Since the majority of fans of a brand will make future purchases, this could be quite beneficial.

Keywords and Tags

Make sure you use keywords and tags appropriately. You want these to match your product and what the video is about. YouTube isn't the only location that crawls the description of the video for certain words. Google itself often shows video content related to a search, which can double your brand's exposure.

Be Engaging

Some of the best videos are those that seem less like commercials and more like information. This is part of the reason why infomercials were so popular and effective in the late 1900s. Adding a bit of entertainment to your productions may also contribute to engage the target audience. Even if they don't buy something from your eCommerce site, they can share the video with someone who will on social media when they enjoy the content.

The Intro

People are more likely to connect with a business through a well-designed intro. These short, five to 10 second clips can become just as much a part of the brand as the products themselves. There are many places on the Internet you can buy three-dimensional and professional intros for less than $20. All you would need to do is place the video file in front of the content you create before uploading it to YouTube.

Don't Forget the Links

Include links to your website in the video's description. Also, mention that viewers can buy the product from your site while displaying your site's URL. This is the video version of a "call-to-action." Including these have been known to increase the chances of someone visiting the site while improving sales. You can't expect someone watching your YouTube video to buy something if you don't show them where to go.

YouTube experiences millions of viewers each day. According to the site's traffic, it has surpassed cable television in terms of activity for those between the ages of 18 and 45. With properly designed and optimized content, you could increase traffic to your eCommerce site while enhancing your online reputation. Include video marketing in your campaigns and reap the benefits of engaging a larger target audience.


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