Are Business Flyers Really That Effective Anymore

Are Business Flyers Really That Effective Anymore

Flyer printing remains something that's still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to marketing a business. High quality flyers produce the best possible results. So the question remains, are business flyers really that effective anymore?

Creating effective business flyers

Flyers are a great way to solicit your business. Although the return of people actually seeing your advertising is lower then other advertising avenues, this is a cost effective method. You should advertise in flyers around seasonal peaks and ebbs. Choosing the right time to place an ad on flyers is important if you want to get a higher exposure rate. Flyers can be designed on your computer or at a printer location. Distribute them to specific areas which you’ve identified as potential business. Remember to monitor the response rate of flyer distribution.

Once you have created your flyers, you should hope that your intended recipients will want to read them and act with a sense of urgency. The offer that's presented on your flyer should motivate the recipients to act right away. You can provide various incentives in order to sweeten the pot to a certain degree. You should make it so the incentive is so good that the recipient feels like they would be foolish to throw the flyer away. You also need to pick your recipients wisely in the hopes that they will be receptive to your offer. Try picmonkey today to elevate your creative juices.

Redesigning your old flyers

After your flyers have been around for a while, you should always come up with new designs. If you stick with the same design for too long, you will find that people will stop responding to it. You have to give them something they have never seen before. This could mean that you will have to invest more money in the process, which should seem more worthwhile if you're getting the results that you want out of your marketing efforts.

Expanding your marketing efforts

You should add more marketing techniques into your campaigns in order to increase their effectiveness. A creative business flyer can help sculpt your company by expressing your ideas. Your marketing efforts should also include:

  • Newspaper advertising

Consider placing an ad in the local community paper and don’t forget the classified section. Rates are cheaper for as long as you run the advertisement. Many papers are now hip to home based businesses and have advertising displays which are quite cheap. Check your local community paper for details.

  • Brochures

Brochures that are professionally prepared are invaluable for trade shows, networking events, mailings, promotions and seminars. It should give enough information, but peek the curiosity of obtaining a call from a potential client. Take the time to prepare an informative brochure that is professional and shows you as an expert in your field. Remember to also include your website/blog address in all your brochures.

  • Thank you cards

When you receive business from clients, be sure to acknowledge them by sending a “thank you” card. Offer a discount fee if they recommend you to friends and neighbors and remember to send those referrals a “thank you” card as well. Your efforts will be remembered and before you know it, your business will prosper!

Re-evaluating your marketing campaigns

As your campaigns begin to age, you have to re-evaluate their effectiveness to determine whether there needs to be change. Odds are you will have to dig deep to find new ways to market your company so that it can continue to grow. Some popular companies are capable of relying on their name alone. They don't have to spend too much money on marketing because their customers will buy stuff from them regardless of what they do. However, if you're starting out and are yet to be a household name, you should continue to gain a following by implementing the above marketing approach.

What do you think? Are business flyers really that effective anymore? Please share your comments below!

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