10 Tips on How to Boost Your Home Office Productivity

10 Tips on How to Boost Your Home Office Productivity

Just because we work from home does not mean we shouldn't be productive. Some of the same office skills required when working for an employer should be incorporated when you're working from your home office as well. Some of my best skills I currently possess is due to my experiences in corporate America. I learned the basics like customer service, administrative paperwork, setting up meetings, writing, etc. that I still use today.

The following article will help you with the top 10 Tips on How to Boost Your Home Office Productivity:


1. Check your email first

Productivity experts agree that checking your email account first thing in the morning, allows you to get a jump start on your day.  Create folders labeled 'now' and 'later'  so that you can concentrate on the needs to be taken care of now as oppose to what you can tackle at a later time.


2. Take care of your least favorite task

Taking care of your most tedious and least desirable tasks right away will give you a more positive outlook on the rest of the day. One of my least favorite tasks is checking my voice mail but doing so will allow me to decide what is a priority call and who can wait for a call back later in the day.


3. Create a to-do list and a master list

Your to-do list should include the following:

  • check e-mail

  • check calendar

  • check voicemail...things you want to get done today.

Your master list should include the following:

  • meetings

  • appointments

  • interviews...things you want to confirm and plan.

Put your lists in the order of priority and of time.


4. Separate personal and business

Working from home can get in the way of personal tasks too. It can be tough to be self-disciplined when working from home. There can be many distractions that can take you away from your business.

Personally, I like to remind myself of the reasons why I chose to go into business for myself. Knowing when to separate business with family life is a challenge but can be easily obtained. Setting strict rules for my business is the key which my family understands and vice versa.


5. Wake up early

Early to bed and early to rise (makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise) have you heard of that expression? I couldn't agree more! Waking up early allows you to get so much done so that you can concentrate on other tasks. Plus, you don't feel rushed and can at least make yourself a hearty breakfast before allowing distractions to take over your day.


6. Dress for success

It can be tempting to work in  pjs. I've done it myself. That is the beauty of working from home. The freedom to wear what you want when you want. However, I believe that when we dress up it can mentally give us a boost in confidence for success. When I dress up (even in a typical jean and shirt) I feel like I'm ready to tackle the task at hand and if I need to step outside very quickly, I'm ready to do so.


7. Time management

We are and become what we do and think. Give yourself time to start each morning and time when to stop. Time management is key to avoiding burnout.

Identify things which waste your time. Do you take a long coffee break or have a customer that takes just a bit too much of your time? Figure these out and shorten them from your day to be productive.

Just because you work from home does not mean you need to work all day, even if we do have that privilege. Each day, plan who you will network with. Contact and surround yourself with energetic and positive people.


8. Financial management

Along with time management, financial management is very important. Know your books. For example, whenever you make a sale, log it into your ledger. When you meet a client, keep track of your car mileage, etc. Accurate financial management is key to productivity and makes it easier to track your profits/expenses for the upcoming tax season.


9. Action

Nothing replaces the knowledge we gain from putting our ideas into action. Applying an action toward your day's activity makes for a productive outcome. No matter what your schedule, stick to implementing an action to update your business goals.


10. Don't' feel overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is a frequent reason why people are not productive. Most people see how much work needs to be done to boost home office productivity and then despair about getting it all done. One way to deal with this is to break the task up into bite sized pieces. Break down large projects into smaller parts and focus on completing each individual task until the work is done. Check out the power of a focused business.

Now it's your turn. Are the top 10 Tips on How to Boost Your Home Office Productivity helpful? Please share your comments below. Thank you!

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