Keyword Stuffing Dos & Don'ts

keyword-stuffing-dos-and-donts Although keywords are essential for marketing content, there's a wrong way and a right way of using them on websites.

Wrong way

The wrong way is abusing the power of keywords. It creates a poor user experience, visitors will reject reading site article(s), and worse yet, a site will be portrayed as spam.

Right way

The right way of using keywords is having relevant and useful keywords that flow in a natural and specific manner. Check out the following keyword stuffing dos & don't s:

What is too much keyword stuffing?

It is not allowing content to flow easily because of worry about not being ranked high in the search engines. These engines are hip to such keyword stuffing and will not hesitate to ban a website.

Below, I will list 3 Don't s to keyword stuffing:

1. Don't use bold on words that are NOT relevant to the header or the title of an article.
2. Don't Stuff too many keywords in an anchor text.

3. Don't Repeat keyword phrases throughout an article. We all want to increase our ranking on search engines but if we don't do it correctly, we are more than likely to get forfeited then accepted.

Below, I will list 3 Dos to using appropriate keywords on a site:

1. Do only use keywords that are relevant to the topic. Put yourself in the mind of the reader by focusing on the search terms that you would use to find your own article(s) within your own business niche.  

2. Do create quality written original content that gives important information to those that are searching for your context in a beneficial manner. This is always essential!

3. Do create a great user experience so that readers will come back to your site for additional articles filled with rich keyword tags. Implementing the above tips on keyword generation will create a successful website. By optimizing a site with relevant keywords, readers will be happy and so will the search engines.

To get keyword ideas check out the Google AdWords:Keyword Tool.

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