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Informative Ways on How to Structure Your New Business

Informative Ways on How to Structure Your New Business When you start a business, it is imperative to have your business legally prepared. How do you ask? You need to have a business license, a home occupation license if running your business from home, a city or county license, (depending on what state you live) and you need to register your business as fictitious if you are not using your real name as a business. For instance, If John Doe has a business name as John Doe's Grooming Parlor, a fictitious name isn't necessary. When opening a business in your residence, additional information is required. Some businesses require more than a city license to be fully licensed. Please check with your local city & state office for detailed information.
Business structure If you are just interested in selling a few things out of your home, don't worry about this section, as you should not have any form of tax liability for selling your own belongings. However, if you start a…